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Probate is a legal procedure when some or all of an estates assets are not protected under a Living Trust. Many people have to undergo a probate even if an estate is Intestate (without a will) or Testate (with a will).

A probate includes assessing assets, liquidating liabilities, paying taxes and then the distribution of these remaining assets to heirs.

It can be overwhelming for many because there are a lot of additional responsibilities of the executor or administrator. Some of those responsibilities outside of the court process will be to give notice to banks and creditors, inventory personal assets such as household goods, inventory of other assets like stocks, bonds, automobiles, precious metals, art work, review and pay the mortgage if any, pay bills and there is more….

If a business is involved then there maybe a need to supervise and mange the business, pay taxes, and business creditors, review leases, pay employees, and manage the business. The responsibility of an estate executor, or court appointed administrator is quite immense and can be overwhelming, since you have your own family, job, and career that takes up 100% of your time already.

Real property is typically the most valued asset of an estate. Often it has to be sold in order to pay creditors (Federal and State taxes), amicably divide assets amongst heirs and satisfy the court.

What we offer

We know and understand probate can be stressful and emotional with a lot of responsibility. We offer the service to take the Real Estate obligation off your hands as our mission is to sell your home at the highest and best price possible for you and your family.


We will also assist in coordination of inspections, review and assessed bids from other service providers such as estate liquidators, home improvement contractors, cleaners, landscapers and any additional services needed in order to present your property to get the best price available on the market.